Line Maintenance Capabilities

Since 2011 Certifying has been closely working together with Chevron Aircraft Maintenance. Due to this coöperation we can now offer you aircraft line maintenance services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

With Air Astana as our launch customer, we kicked off in March 2014. Supporting their fleet of Boeings 757/767 and Airbus A320/A321's at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Since then we've supported several Airlines in need of AOG assistance at Schiphol.

Whether you need transit checks, scheduled line maintenance tasks or AOG support, borescope inspections after birdstrikes, we're up for it.

Besides Schiphol, also other Dutch Airports can be supported if required.

We would like to invite you to contact us and discover what we can do for your operation into Amsterdam Airport Schiphol!

Please click below to download our certificate.

CAM Part 145 Approval

Line Maintenance

In association with Chevron Aircraft Maintenance we provide aircraft line maintenance support.

Transit's, daily's, AOG's, we're here for you.

Please check our Part 145 page for more info.

Our philosophy

To quote one of our customers:" It's like having our own guys out there".

And exactly that is what we strive for.

Safety, efficiency and "On Time performance".

Manpower support

Almost every maintenance organisation has ups and downs during a production year. In the slow season, there are too many engineers and during the high season there are not enough. We can be a solution to that shortage of manpower during your busy times